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Episode 1 — Muddied Living: Are You Really a Dog Person?

More canine connections:

Muddied Living: Making Home With Dog Companions

by Erika Cudworth Ph.D

“Focusing on everyday lives and relationships within the household, this paper suggests that the quality of ‘home’ is altered by the presence of animal companions … Dogs transform domestic space through muddying human lives.”

The Health Benefits and Risks of Pet Ownership

Harvard Health Publishing

“They’re cute, cuddly, and loving, but dogs and cats aren’t always appropriate for older adults.”

‘Dogs Have a Magic Effect’: How Pets Can Improve Our Mental Health

by Ann Robinson (The Guardian)

Why Humans Treat Their Dogs Like People

by Jia Tolento (The New Yorker)

Unleashing Your Dog: A Field Guide to Giving Your Canine Companion the Best Life Possible

Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce

The Downsides to Consider Before Getting a Pet

by Zazie Todd Ph.D. (Psychology Today)

Having a pet isn't always positive. What potential pet owners should know.

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