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Episode 1

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1st Sep 2020

Muddied Living: Are You Really a Dog Person?

Professor Erika Cudworth joins Good Dog Talk's Fiona Matthias to discuss the study, Muddied Living, which looks at how we live with our canine companions. What kind of dog owner are you? When can a dog just be a dog? Do people really like dogs that much? And critically, are you a person who has a dog, or are you a dog person? Great questions every dog owner should ask themselves. (Dr. Erika Cudworth is part of the Health and Life Sciences faculty at Leicester’s De Montfort University.)

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Welcome to Good Dog Talk: The Podcast. Each episode I will be exploring our relationship with dogs by interviewing all sorts of canine experts, from veterinarians to sociologists. They have tons of knowledge ready to share with the ordinary dog lover and dog owner. I’m Fiona Matthias and have been a journalist and editor for the past 25 years or more. I am also a long-time lover of dogs, and I want to discover more about our canine companions: their bodies and biology, their instincts, their health and nutritional needs, their behaviour — both good and bad — and society’s changing attitudes to our four-legged friends. This podcast will be journalistically independent. I don't have training services to sell you or products, but I do have a curiosity about our changing relationship with dogs and a desire to be a better dog owner. I'll have my rescue dog Leon by my side, and I'd also like you to share in my journey of discovery.

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Good Dog Talk: The Podcast (investigating all things canine). I'm Fiona Matthias — a long-time journalist and a long-time lover of dogs. I am based in the UK (in a more-often-than-not wet and windy North Wales), and I want to explore our relationship with dogs by interviewing specialists and taking the lead from experts